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Winter Photo Shoot At Kits Beach

Today was one of those stellar days! I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kelia Chien ( and her model/friend Jida on a little spontaneous photography session at one of our local beaches. Kelia is an aspiring media student at UBC and Jida (also a UBC student) often sits in as her muse for photography projects. The weather cooperated with mostly bright behind-the-clouds sun, and NO RAIN! If you know Vancouver, we are also commonly referred to as "Raincouver" so this, in itself, was already a small victory.

Jida has a fresh, flawless, look and stunning natural beauty that made her such an easy canvas. She certainly knew how to work the angles and together with Kelia's experience these two make an excellent team. Kelia was laser-focussed with a list of items I had brought, and I cannot wait to see the images she produces. 

Clothing was sourced from Free People  and Zara, two of our favourite shops. Jewelry courtesy of Bluefish Bohemian.

Looking forward to collaborating with Kelia and Jida on upcoming collections. Keep an eye out for the beautiful Jida on our website!


 Jida wearing a Bluefish one of a kind piece.