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Natural gemstones are a gift and wonder created by Mother Earth!

These stones are believed to have many symbolic and metaphysical properties. Here are a few notes to consider for some of our favorite stones:

  • African Green Jasper:  balance, harmony, fertility
  • African Jade: healing, calming, uplifting, patience
  • African Turquoise: growth and development
  • Agate:  balancing energy, stabilizing, strengthening, courage, protection
  • Amazonite (blue): harmony, balance, calming, tranquility 
  • Amazonite (multi colored): protection against negative energy, spiritually grounding
  • Amethyst:  tranquility, calmness, peace of mind, luck
  • Apatite: focus, inspiration, clarity, balancing
  • Ametrine: mental and spiritual harmony, self awareness, balance 
  • Aquamarine: bravery, confidence, courage
  • Aventurine (blue): attracts luck, abundance and success
  • Fluorite: clarity, focus, order 
  • Black Onyx: absorbs and transforms negative energy, concentration, heightens intuition, emotional balance
  • Bloodstone: protection, mental clarity, motivation, heightens intuition
  • Carnelian: courage, compassion, creativity, protection
  • Cherry Quartz: attracts love
  • Chrysocolla: wisdom, communication
  • Chrysoprase: optimism, joy and contentment
  • Citrine: imagination, clarity, manifestation 
  • Crazy Lace Agate: encouragement, promotes optimism, stimulates mind and attitude, focus
  • Beryl Morganite: peace, joy, inner strength, confidence, connection to divine love 
  • Dalmation Jasper: healing, fortifies the spirit, discourages negative thoughts
  • Howlite Turquoise: awarness, calming, heighten creativity
  • Dogtooth Amethyst: 3rd eye stimulator, intuition, repels negativity
  • Fancy Jasper: feeling of well-being, helping one to lighten up
  • Fossil Jasper: protection for travelers, wholeness, serenity, mental clarity
  • Garnet: extracts negative energies, enhances internal fire & commitment, protection
  • Green Aventurine: stone of opportunity, luckiest of all crystals, attracts opportunity, creativity, motivation
  • Hematite: balancing, grounding, calming 
  • Imperial Jasper: tranquilty, wholeness, actualization
  • Jasper (dyed colors): tranquilty, wholeness, actualization
  • Iron Zebra Jasper: promotes courage, motivation, calmness, absorbs negative energy
  • Kyanite: tranquility, calmness, enhance communication, psychic awarness
  • Labradorite: intuition, psychic abilities, clarity
  • Laguna Lace Agate: promotes togetherness, inner stability, composure, and maturity
  • Lapis: intellect, wisdom, clarity, thought stimulator, intuition
  • Lava Rock: grounding, calming, rebirth, healing,
  • Leopardskin (Leopard Fur) Jasper: tranquility, spiritual discovery, helps to connect you with spirit animal
  • Lodolite: manifest desires, spirituality, healing
  • Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper: powerful protection against negativity and ease emotional stress
  • Mexican Zebra Jasper: self awareness, strengthen connection to divine energy and love, mood lifting, energizing
  • Mookaite: self esteem, alleviates fear & depression, communication, calm, balance, protection, openness
  • Moonstone: intuition, balance, woman's stone, said to grant wishes
  • Obsidian: shields against negativity, protection, stimulates emotional & spiritual growth, self control, realization of true self
  • Ocean Jasper (Sea Sediment Jasper): joy, happiness, aids in releasing negative energy and feelings, lifted spirits
  • Larimar: peace, clarity, healing, and love, opens one's heart and mind
  • Picasso Jasper: transformation, renewal, clearing
  • Picture Jasper: harmony, creativity, promotes release of feelings, comfort, alleviates fear
  • Polychrome Jasper: exuberance, physical energy, vitality, and vibrance
  • Poppy Jasper: cleansing, energizing, aids in organising & redirecting scattered energies
  • Prehnite: enhances visualization and spirituality, lucid dreaming, peace, calm, rememberance
  • Red (Pink) Aventurine: enhances creativity, prosperity, diffuses negativity, and balances the male-female energies, grounding
  • Red Creek Jasper: balance and relaxation, grounding, protection
  • Rose Quartz: inner peace, harmony, love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness
  • Tiger Eye: said to attract luck & money, enhance strength, courage, vitality, & passion, centering & balancing
  • Smoky Quartz: relieves negative emotions & feelings, transforms negative emotions into positive energy
  • Sodalite: harmony, balance, truth, increasing intelligent, strengthen communication

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