How much are shipping fees?

To:  USA via First Class Mail, with tracking & insurance:  

  • $ 6.95/flat rate (USD)
  • 4 - 15 business days

To:  Canada via Canada Post/UPS/Purolator, with tracking & insurance:

  • $ 11.95/flat rate (USD)
  • 3 - 15 business days

To:  Everywhere else via USPS First Class Mail,  includes tracking & insurance:

  • $ 22.95/flat rate (USD)
  • 14 - 45 business days
  • Import fees, and/or duty/taxes are the buyer's responsibility                                         

How do you ship to the USA and/or Internationally?

USA and International orders are shipped via USPS First Class  Mail, with tracking and insurance. We deliver our items to a local freight forwarder, who brings our packages to the USA the following business day, where they begin their journey to you!  

How quickly will I receive my item?

Delivery does depend on workload, as all items must be made and/or pass through our hands before they are packaged for delivery. We do our best to ship within 3 working days, and USPS can be 2 - 7 business days for delivery, after that. We work diligently to complete orders as quickly as possible.  If your item is extremely time sensitive, please contact us so we can best assist you.

How do you ship within Canada?

Within Canada, orders are sent via Canada Post/UPS/Purolator with tracking and insurance. 

Why are your prices in USD, when you are physically based in Canada?

When the site was built, it was necessary to choose one currency. Because we ship worldwide, we felt that USD were most commonly understood, overall. We also purchase most of our materials in USD, and calculating costings can be very complicated and time consuming if we have to do them each and every time we bring in the same materials, at different times of the year, at different "landed" or calculated Canadian costs. We would much rather be able to make for you and ship to you more products, than sit behind a calculator on a regular basis! :).

What are your products made of?

Our metal products are made from a variety of materials, most of the metals are a base metal of brass, and they are plated with rhodium*, gold, or sterling silver.  There is no lead, nickel, or cadmium in our jewelry.

Our stones are mostly natural, some have been polished or matte finished, and some have been heated/dyed to enhance their characteristics.

Our leather features natural dyes.

*What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal and is part of the Platinum family. Rhodium plating is very durable and resists scratches and wear, while sticking strongly to the base metal (brass). Both rhodium & brass are friendly metals, and are nickel and lead free.  You may have heard of fine jewelry stores using rhodium to plate over your white gold wedding rings. Rhodium plated is preferred to silver plated because rhodium doesn't oxidize, or "tarnish", and it is a very bright silver. Rhodium doesn't require cleaning like silver does. Rhodium is considerably more expensive per troy ounce than sterling silver, on the Precious Metals Exchange.

Are your earrings nickel and lead free?

Yes, all of our jewelry is nickel, lead, and cadmium free.  Most of our ear wires are brass with rhodium or gold plating over top.  These are 'friendly metals' and rarely irritate anyone's ears.  

Can I swim and shower with my jewelry?

It is not recommended that you swim or shower with your jewelry. Excessive chemicals, like pool treatments, and soap/perfumes can damage the finish, as well as make chains and crystals dirty and dull. 

I never want to take my wrap bracelet off - is this a problem?

You should remove your wrap bracelets before swimming or showering.  Excessive moisture not only breaks down the leather and damages the stitching, it can cause a build up of bacteria, which is unhealthy. Wearing your wrap in water will null the warranty. Think of your leather shoes - you wouldn't wear them in the shower, right? :) 

Can I change the length of a necklace or the size of a bracelet?

We may be able to make a different length of chain for your necklace, it depends on the piece and the design. Bracelets can often be created in a custom size, too, providing we have the materials on hand and the design will allow for it - please contact us about a particular piece with your request.

How are your wrap bracelets sized?

The wrap bracelets are all adjustable, and are generally made to fit a 6 - 7" wrist diameter/circumference. There are usually 2 or 3 different button loops for you to button closed the bracelet where it's most comfortable. If your wrist is particularly small or larger than average, please contact us about custom sizing options.

I ordered the wrong size, what can I do?

Our wraps are adjustable and made to fit most medium sized wrists. You may not have thought about your tiny wrist but once you received your order, you've realized the bracelet is far too big/small. Not to worry - simply be in touch and we will accommodate you with an exchange.

Do you offer gift wrap?

All items from Bluefish Bohemian arrive 'gift ready'. This means they are packaged pretty, and ready to give - no price tag or invoice is inclosed in your package, unless you have a special request for one. Customs declarations may need to be made, when required by law, however we do our best to be as discreet as possible.

What if I don't like my piece?

Simply contact us within 3 business days of receiving your item, and we can discuss how to make things right for you. Sorry, no returns can be offered on custom work, unless there is a defect or the item is damaged in transport.

My dog chewed my bracelet/my necklace got caught and broke, what can I do?

Not to worry - most things can be repaired. Please contact us to make arrangements. Depending on the work involved, and the nature of the damage, there may or may not be a charge. We will do our best to accommodate you. You will be responsible for sending the repair to us to receive warranty work, and the piece will be sent back upon completion of the repair.

How should I store my jewelry?

Keep jewelry away from places like the bathroom.  To keep jewelry looking it's very best, always take it off first, and put it on last. Store pieces in ziplock bags, to prevent tangles and scratches. The better you take care of your jewelry, the better it will take care of making you look good!

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